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Your mission is a part of who you are. Just like problem-solving is a part of who we are. We’re no back seat driver, though. We’re more like navigators – your personal GPS to maneuver and propel your agency’s mission forward. We bring together a cross-functional team of experts to create thoughtful, customized accelerators to help you get to where you’re going.

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creating the best solutions

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creating the best solutions

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Putting human perspectives at the heart of every solution

Human-Centered Design

Putting human perspectives at the heart of every solution


Unifying analytics, AI, and automation to create value


Achieving high velocity deployments that are more secure, consistent, and reliable


Transforming the enterprise to increase resiliency and maximize productivity


Detecting and defending mission-critical systems, operations, and people

Enterprise IT

Architecting, deploying, and optimizing modern, user-centric infrastructures

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creating the best solutions

let’s talk

Human-Centered Design

Impactful solutions begin and end with people. We create inclusive and accessible digital spaces by applying Human-Centered Design (HCD) to everything we do. Integrating HCD into our agile development improves delivery velocity and digital service delivery maturity. Our data and culture-focused approach to HCD ensures we discover the right motivations and opportunities to navigate our customer’s complex challenges and deliver valuable outcomes that solve end-user needs. We leverage our playbooks, methods, and accelerators to foster meaningful change.

Impacts we’ve made at USDA

  • Architected a dynamic web-based toolkit that improves the delivery of federal services to America’s producers
  • Toolkit averages 15.5+ million monthly page views and has seen 6 million website users since 2018
  • Connected 720,000+ farmers and ranchers with their local USDA service center
creating a farmer-centric ui
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Applied Intelligence

We understand the power of data and the infrastructure and tools necessary to build Artificial Intelligence (AI). Luckily, our Data Scientists are obsessed with creating tailored insights. We know that data has imperfections and that algorithms can be biased. So, we develop systems that keep humans in the loop while also identifying potential areas of impact or ethical concerns. Our AI approach centers around Machine Learning’s (ML) ability to integrate open-source innovation, robust engineering platforms, and data expertise to create scalable, intelligent systems.

Impacts we’ve made at DOD

  • Delivered, integrated, and analyzed workflows required for FPED programs and employed a Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)
  • Achieved 100 percent successful IT integration support
  • Supported 6 programs, maintained 15 active sites, and hosted 9,000 users worldwide
an iterative approach to defense


DevSecOps unifies software development (Dev), security (Sec), and operations (Ops) to automate and apply security to all phases of the software lifecycle. Our approach has the flexibility to fit a variety of mission needs and has built-in security measures. We understand not one set of processes fits all organizations technologically or culturally. We create a tailored strategy with highly collaborative processes that are repeatable and have low redundancy. This upfront investment improves efficiency, automation, and auditability.

Impacts we’ve made at DOJ

  • Modernized an information-sharing platform that helps the Department of Justice (Interpol) process 2 million timely and accurate data documents
  • Unified distributed data for 18,000+ international and domestic law enforcement agencies
  • Reduced crawl time access to mission-critical data by 75 percent
delivering mission-critical data
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We maximize the benefit of cloud services, from initial migration and modernization to our continuous improvements of existing services. MetroStar leverages industry best practices and our experience to provide proven migration paths to the cloud. We help agencies achieve their goals through solutions that are more secure, scalable, and cost-effective. Even as the technology landscape changes, our agnostic and open-source approach allows us to move fluidly from one cloud partnership to another.

Impacts we’ve made at DOT

  • Transformed the U.S. Department of Treasury cloud environment using FIPS 140-2 encryption standards
  • Automated security controls to achieve a first FedRamp High compliance
  • Saved the DOT over $100,000 annually in infrastructure optimization and automation costs
optimizing secure cloud environments


From the tweets we favorite to the organizational networks we log into, the digital world is hyper-connected to everything we do. It takes a village to make cybersecurity possible. MetroStar’s team is constantly evolving and embracing the latest technology and policies to create a holistic cyber practice. Our security-first mindset enforces a security culture from not only our people but also from our processes and our work. Through solutions, operations, and compliance, our team is ready to secure organizational environments.

Impacts we’ve made at FEMA

  • Installed a Zero Trust and policy-driven approach on least privilege user authorization and authentication principles 
  • Obtained FIPS 140-2, DHS CDM, FedRAMP, NIST, and FICAM compliance 
  • Successfully and securely authenticated up to 100,000+ users in the workforce
a holistic integration to security
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Enterprise IT

The heart of tech is found in our Enterprise IT practices. We have decades of experience using cutting-edge technologies and approaches to solve complex technical challenges. Our success is founded upon availability, reliability, scalability, compliance, and security. Through continuous monitoring and our AI/ML capabilities, MetroStar always keeps customers’ hardware and software both secure and operating.

Impacts we’ve made at DOS

  • Provides 24x7x365 Help Desk support and IT solutions to the U.S. Department of State
  • Completes an average of 850 service tickets per month
  • Supports 700 VIP customers with IT solutions
enhancing operational support

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