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News Article: Company Leading in AI/ML Joins Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce

MetroStar and Quansight Enable Open Source AI Testing Throughout DoD

MetroStar, a Digital Solutions and Services provider with its home office in Washington, DC, is joining forces with the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce.

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MetroStar Simplifies Delivery of Digital Services for the Government

MetroStar, a digital solutions and services company, is proud to announce the launch of Comet, a flexible and easy-to-use design system that helps businesses make the most of DesignOps.

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16 Nov  Pinnacle Awards Finalist Reception

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Mock IT is a design and culture podcast sponsored by MetroStar. Hosts Liz and Marie are passionate about all things design and tech. Listen for an inside look at how two friends navigate creating human-centered design solutions for the government while exploring emerging tech trends. The duo often invite their peers and industry experts on the show to chat about their careers and discoveries.

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For over two decades, MetroStar has partnered with the armed forces to protect and empower our service members through technology. We’re proud to be a part of many veterans’ journeys as they transition to civilian roles. Civvies is our chance to share the stories and experiences of the community.

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