Enhancing Operational Support with Enterprise Solutions


The Marine Corps’ Logistics Command provides operational logistics for weapon systems and support services. It offers responsive inventory control, operational support, and USMC logistics capabilities for maximum readiness and sustainment. LOGCOM provides comprehensive, agile, and integrated enterprise solutions that reduce lifecycle costs for existing technologies.

MetroStar supported this mission by providing datacenter sustainment and support services for existing enterprise logistics systems. Our solutions provided the core capabilities of planning, maintenance execution, and sustainment activities vital to USMC logistics and the Corps’ mission.

Our cost-effective solutions streamlined any current and historical data into one data repository, which provided visibility of ground equipment and weapons system readiness throughout the USMC.

We transformed the USMC’s operational support system into a comprehensive enterprise network that reduces administrative burdens, and offered continuity of support personnel, consistent processes, expedited procurement times, and customer advocacy for USMC logistics. MetroStar’s work on the ITSS contract has provided vital operational support that benefits warfighter readiness and sustainability.

key outcomes

Data Driving Further Insights + Inspirations

Core Applications Managed
Users Worldwide
24x7x365 Access Maintained
System Uptime
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tech, tools, and approach

  • Used Java for object-oriented programming.
  • Used Apache for open-source support.
  • Used SharePoint for team collaboration. 
  • Used COBOL for business application support. 

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