Contract # FA8307-21-G-0015

The U.S. Air Force DevSecOps Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) is a 5-year BOA for DevSecOps Software Services in support of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division’s LevelUP Program.

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Important details

Since 2010, MetroStar has been specialized in providing private and public sector clients with Agile and DevSecOps solutions that increase and improve collaboration between three key stakeholders: development, security, and operations. Under the USAF BOA, MetroStar will leverage our integrated DesignOps, AIOps, and DevSecOps expertise and innovations to expand Platform One’s capabilities and support our Airmen.

  • Contract Type: 5-year BOA contract
  • Contract Value: $95M
  • Awards Range From: No dollar limit, falls within the limits of FAR 13.5
  • Extent of Obligation: BOAs do not obligate funds
  • Travel and Other Direct Costs: Incorporated into the BOA
  •  Pricing and Payment: Pricing will be requested and determined at the order level. Payment instructions will be identified in each BOA
  • Labor-hour task orders: A contractor must provide qualified manpower within ten (10) business days of government request or of a vacancy
  • Period of Performance: Five years from date of issuance
  • Authorized Users: Contracting Officers and Contracting Officers whose Offices have decentralized ordering authority
  • Security: Range from Unclassified to TS/SCI with special access required. Determined at BOA order level

BOA 3: Software DevSecOps Services

  • Technical services of full-stack DevSecOps engineers, infrastructure engineers, and other key personnel.
  • All labor category mixes, and key personnel are determined at the order level
    • Platform Development Team
    • Platform and Project Onboarding Teams
    • Product Development Teams
    • Cybersecurity Teams
    • Information Technology Support and Operations Teams

Contact information

For more information on MetroStar’s USAF DevSecOps BOA contract vehicle, please contact the following:

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1856 Old Reston Avenue, Suite 100
Reston, VA 20190-3330
Phone: 703.481.9581
Fax: 703.722.8743

Ruben Cruz, Director of Contracts & Procurement

United States Air Force (USAF)

Lt Cody Paul

Ms. Dawn Davenport

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