Protecting Public Health with Modernized Internal Environments


The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has partnered with MetroStar to identify areas within their internal environment for modernizationMetroStar is also aiding in the identification  of any current or potential roadblocks and craft effective solutions for the future.  

The current modernization assessment is focused on infrastructure, processes, and possible improvements. Our deliverables will aid HHS in charting the future of IT. 

HHS will use our assessment as a roadmap for modernization with a focus on making strategic decisions regarding their future-state, and adjusting their internal practices with an eye for improvements. 

key outcomes

Data Driving Further Insights + Inspirations

Assessment Inputs Analyzed
Key Findings
Pain Points Discovered
Recommendations Made
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tech, tools, and approach

  • Align the problem statement, future vision, scope of the representative sample, and frameworks as the baseline and foundation for the strategic assessment. 
  • Analyze documentation, system environments, code repositories to understand their current state.
  • Conduct interviews with stakeholders to understand their desires for an ideal future state. 
  • Aggregate the information and data collected into findings, pain points, and recommendations that detail the necessary requirements for implementation. 
  • Sequence and visualize the recommendations on an actionable, strategic IT roadmap. 

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