Delivering Mission-Critical Data to Global Law Enforcement Agencies


MetroStar’s support for INTERPOL-Washington and the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) seeks to deliver timely and accurate data between international and domestic law enforcement agencies with a unified data systemThese capabilities impact law enforcement in 194 counties.  

We provided information sharing services including, big data application, tools development and integration, application security, and application lifecycle management. This process allowed us to enable structured communication to ensure consistency and operational relevancy of recorded and exchanged data, including biometrics. 

key outcomes

Data Driving Further Insights + Inspirations

Outgoing Cyber Tips Monitored
U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Supported
Data Documents Processed
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tech, tools, and approach

  • Replaced a manually intensive workflow process and implemented a Notice Request Center (NRC) that provides improved automated solutions. 
  • Installed a SharePoint functionality to provide a framework for managing the workflow of incoming submissions. 
  • Installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM application software to provida secure repository for case management.

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