optimized cloud environments save $100,000 in operational costs


MetroStar partnered with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s (DoT) to manage their cloud environment and network, which hosts both applications and public websites. This process included managing, maintaining, and where necessary, optimizing, the agency’s cloud environments.

At the DoT, MetroStar systematically reviewed the environment, consisting of dozens of customer environments websites in their entirety to identify gaps and future recommendations. Furthermore, we helped the agency define their cloud standards and architectures while systematically reviewing the entire environment to identify gaps and recommendations.

Our work with DoT’s cloud stakeholders helped identify areas of improvements, and reduced cloud environment operating costs by approximately $50K+ per year. This was accomplished by enabling reserved instances, decommissioning old instances, snapshot cleanups, and deploying S3 Lifecycle Policies, saving an additional $24K a month.

Regular reviews and O&M of the AWS cloud environments will provide further cost savings due to fine tuning server specs, run-time, and services offered (condensed or streamlined).

key outcomes

Data Driving Further Insights + Inspirations


monthly resolution increase


achieved for Cloud Environments


monthly website hits


infrastructure & automation costs saved

FIPS 140-2

validated & implemented

achieve similar outcomes

tech, tools, and approach

Acquia Drupal was used for the agency’s main public website in order to provide a current, modern CMS for website use and development. The Acquia environment also provided a more stable platform than the previous SharePoint environment.

Provided efficiencies for end-users by reducing the operational costs of security and monitoring the leveraging of the shared services model hosted on top of AWS to deploy Infrastructure as a Service. 

Additional methods used were:

  • CloudFormation Template
  • Launching Instances
  • Security Patching
  • Managing CI/CD Deployments. 

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