Contract # W52P1J-22-G-0121

The Chief Digital & Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) Data Readiness Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) is a five-year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), enabling the Department of Defense (DoD) to utilize its data resources for use with artificial intelligence (AI).

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Important details

The CDAO DRAID is a five-year BOA, enabling the DoD to utilize AI and its data resources in tandem. This collaboration will provide an easily accessible path to accessing cutting-edge services needed to meet the complex technical challenges of preparing data for AI platforms.

  • 5-year Basic Ordering Agreement
  • Period of Performance: Exp. Date Jan. 14, 2026
  • Type of Contract: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Materials (T&M), or Hybrid of FFP and T&M
  • Kind of Contract: Service Contracts
  • Ceiling: $241,629,126.00

The CDAO DRAID BOA task order work objectives include the following:

  • Task 1: Project Management and Documentation
  • Task 2: Software Configuration
  • Task 3: Cloud Integration
  • Task 4: Department of Defense AI Ethical Principles
  • Task 5: Data Ingestion, Integration, Architecture, and ETL
  • Task 6: Data Accessibility and APIs
  • Task 7: Enterprise Information and Metadata Management
  • Task 8: Data Quality, Feature Engineering, and NLP
  • Task 9: Synthetic Data
  • Task 10: Data Anonymization
  • Task 11: Data Labelling
  • Task 12: AI Security
  • Task 13: Data Science and AI Outreach and Innovative Development Mechanisms

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